Planning an Alaskan Cruise

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The Huffmans

Alaska4I don’t often write a travel review – not because I don’t travel – just the opposite. My office staff refer to me as Waldo, because they never know where I am, where I’ve been, or where I am headed off too next. Call it wanderlust if you want – but there is an incredibly wonderful world, filled with people, scenery, food, culture, and adventure, and it is calling my name in a way that can’t be ignored! And exploring this world keeps me too busy to write a review. But in this case, if I can help someone else free themselves from themselves, then the review will be worth it.


Which brings me to Abigail, and our Alaskan cruise. I’ve been called Type A+, because I tend to over study, plan, investigate, and manage all of my own arrangements, especially when going to a place I haven’t visited before. And so, with the idea of an Alaskan cruise for the family in mind, I started my study. Somewhere in the midst, I crossed paths with Abigail, and reached out in the HOPES of finding someone that could handle the legwork, and make recommendations that suited my family.

It is a tough job letting go of ‘control’ but now that I have been spoiled, my future trips will be so much better and so much easier! I contacted Abbie, and gave her a 15 minute spiel on my family, our interests, and our PREFERENCES! It is tough to communicate our/my preferences without sounding like a snob – but…. If we are to be captive on a ship for a week, the kitchen better understand great food, and be able to deliver it consistently. I shouldn’t ever have to ask twice for something. And, I didn’t want to depart the boat with 3000 others and board a bus to a crab feed for hundreds.

Not five minutes into the conversation, Abigail put my mind at ease. She actually UNDERSTOOD my concerns in a very personal way. I capitalize UNDERSTOOD because everyone thinks that they know good food, but few truly do – something that can only come from a lifetime of passion. And although Abigail is younger than me, it was clear that her life has been filled with food, wine, adventure, travel, and that her heart UNDERSTOOD and caught the wanderlust passion at a young age. Now, couple the spirit of understanding with another Type A organized personality, and a network of resources available to Abigail, and all of my ‘control’ issues were put to rest.


Within a few days, I had a complete itinerary outlined, that opted out of ‘all inclusive’ ship excursions, and ‘opted in’ on private helicopter tours, glacier climbs, bear watching by sea plane, rooms stocked with any and every snack/drink a foodie could ask for, and…. a 1/2 day in the ship kitchen alongside the executive chef! As an aside – the chef said he had been cooking on ships for 30 years, and had never had a request by a guest (or a travel agent) to visit his kitchen. THANK YOU ABIGAIL!


Did I mention that during the trip, we had a small glitch due to weather, occurring between midnight and 5am Colorado time? I texted Abigail thinking I’d get an answer the next day – but unbelievably, she tackled the issue within minutes and all was well again. I don’t provide that kind of service to my clients, and certainly don’t expect that with ALT travel – and yet, she ROSE to the occasion, in both a literal and metaphorical sense.


In sum, in a family that has traveled together for 20+ years, our Alaskan experience is at the top of our list, and it is in large part because I relinquished control to Abigail, and let her run the show, selecting adventures, dining, cruise line, etc. I can relax, put down my Type A mentality, throw away my snob decisions, and rest in the knowledge that, as my travel advisor, Abigail will take care of my world, while I simply sit on the deck, sip champagne, and watch orcas breach…

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