5 Great Summer Options for Vail, Colorado

Posted on June 21, 2015.

I know I love my state, and it makes sense that I love getting up into the mountains. This weekend, I’m spending some time in Vail, and I thought it would be great to highlight some of the awesome summer options!

#1. Vail King of the Mountain

Colorado is a huge volleyball state, and one of the biggest summer tournaments is Vail King of the Mountain. So grab a beer, a friend, and a volleyball and head up to this great town. You will have an instant group of friends at this tournament.

#2. The Food

Amen for mountain food towns! The sushi presentation that I had last night at Matsuhisa was incredible! Toro, which is the amazing fatty underbelly of the tuna, is pretty much heaven on earth. And if you’re like me, we’ll go heavy in the wasabi.

#3. The Slopes! No, Seriously…

I love a great hike as much as the next Coloradoan, but you can always take the short cut and ride the ski lift up vail mountain and then hike leisurely back down. This is a great option for families.

#4. Shopping

The discounts during the summer are fantastic. I know it’s probably bizarre to try on a ski jacket or winter clothing in June, but it’s completely worth it.

#5. The Atmosphere

Mountain towns in the summer are slow and easy like Sunday morning. Vail city center is very walker-friendly, and taking an evening stroll after your amazing dinner is perfection. So take a break from the city, and visit the mountain towns during the summer.